Monday, November 30, 2009

Your Vengeance

it is worse when I find
the poems you wrote for me

all the beautiful words
in my throat

you cradled
all my limbs in prose
the hollow of my
knees, elbows, neck



how terrible
to find this
all on my own.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

When You Were Mercury

first time I ever saw you
standing a brave six feet tall
with those eyes of yours
too confused to be green or blue
and thin lips that curl
into a faint smirk
all my thorns sprouted arms.
I wanted to smother you,
suffocate you under my thumb,
pull you apart rib by rib
and rebuild you
until you were all mine.

Him. - Always.

the way you sleep
- one arm beneath the pillow
left leg curled around my own
with me
as if you are waiting
for me to open my eyes
half way through the night
and see
what we've both been dying to find
since we began.

even in your sleep
you carry hope
for us.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


you've become nothing
a spiderweb memory
and i still love you

Mad Hatter

street traffic xylophones
curious pigeons on window sills
a gum splattered sidewalk
who thanks
strange feet
for giving their souls
to him

lightning teeth,
you are brave
to smile so freely.
storm cloud
tap dancing
silly wind
what does it matter
if they look and don’t understand?
you are paisley patterns
on formal attire
never marching to beat of drums
you move to heart patterns

the first time we ever spoke
there were traces of poems
rimmed around your glasses
I knew you understood
that squares could be stretched
into stars
there is gravity
in the way you
offer friendship so freely
I wanted to call you brother
just to share dna strands with
a man as fragile as you
who wears compassion for shoulder pads
and skinny jeans that leave no room
for false pretenses
I wish more beings
whispered truth the way you do

rules don’t exist in your world
just hands and eyes
that know
what it feels like
when it feels like

the click
of a shutter

a button press
a simple yes

to being awkward
to being free
to this moment
this place

a panoramic view
and your crooked hat
wild card
tucked into the brim

kaleidoscope friend

blue moon of a man
I wasn’t watching the skies
the night that I met you
but you found me
standing alone
kite in hand
tearing right trough me

what a perfect story you are
but you don’t believe me
say I will grow bored
the way other adults have

but my answer is this:

I do now know the rules
But I sure do know
What real friendship
Feels like.

Haikus That Bleed

Boogie Man
i was six when you
wrapped my fingers around your
dick. i still hate you.

you're dead and i can't
fix it. who do i blame now
for my dysfunction?

I would have named him
Jupiter for the distance
you placed between us

too much. just too much.
rolls of fat, tears, heart too big.
too much me to love.